May 6 through June 25, 2016


Figure Painting Show - Robert Huot, Katy Martin, Anthony Panzera

Images from the opening held May 6th, 2016

A multi-media exploration of the human figure
featuring the work of
Robert Huot, Katy Martin, and Anthony Panzera


FROM ROBERT HUOT — “I started my art career as a painter. I’ve done many things along the way, but I’ve continued to do things that might be called painting and always have thought of myself as a painter.”

“For me, the 60’s and 70’s were filled with many important moments: The Vietnam War, marriage, birth of my son, divorce, a second marriage, and many other events and influences. Among those influences was R. Buckminster Fuller. I read all his written work, attended his lectures and exhibits. For years I’d been looking for a different format for painting other than the rectangle. (The production line pushing out long strips of stuff chopped into rectangles –dominating our vision.) Clearly there were shaped paintings over the centuries right up to the shaped canvas of the day, but – somehow that didn’t do it. The shapes of those paintings were dictated by architectural settings, arbitrary decisions or areas unaccounted for. One of the essential factors of Fuller’s investigations was the equilateral triangle – the simplest most stable structural form. Soon the equilateral triangle began to be the basis for more and more of my image-making in all media. (Interestingly, my wife, artist Carol Kinne, has also worked extensively with the triangle.)”

“The long journey of dematerialization has led to the cave – to charcoal, blood and stains of berry juice. Benjamin, I have succumbed to “aura” with lust and no shame (and I set out to minimize material and celebrate ideas). I hope I continue to celebrate ideas.” roberthuot.com

KATY MARTIN is a visual artist whose work combines painting, photography and performance. She also makes films and videos. Katy’s art — paint on skin — is about the fluidity of borders, and skin itself as a porous boundary that continually shifts and changes. Katy’s current preoccupation is verticality in Chinese painting, especially in relation to Taoist cosmologies, and also the horizontal movement of western handwriting forms.

In 2015, she had solo exhibitions at Alexander/Heath in Roanoke, Virginia, Anthology Film Archives in New York and – as part of The Meeting Point collaborative – Galerie Double S in Paris.  Katy’s work has also been exhibited at Saint Peter’s Church, Drawer 158, The Museum of Modern Art, PPOW Gallery, and The Tribeca Film Festival (New York); The Sackler Museum (Boston); GalerieForum Am Meer (Berlin); Green Dog Arts (Belfast, N. Ireland); and The Shanghai Duolun Museum. katymartin.net

ANTHONY PANZERA, NA, a member of The National Academy, in New York City, has been a professor of drawing at Hunter College, in Manhattan, since 1968. He also co-directed The Art in Florence and Rome Programs and taught a variety of courses at the New York Academy of Art, and The National Academy School, both in Manhattan. He received his undergraduate degree from The State University of New York at New Paltz, and an M.F.A. degree from Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, and studied independently in Florence, Italy.

Primarily a figurative painter, Anthony Panzera has studied and worked with the human form throughout his career. Greatly influenced by the works of the Italian Renaissance Masters, Mr. Panzera immersed himself in the proportional theories of Leonardo da Vinci, which led him to create The Leonardo Series, a group of 65 drawings based on Leonardo’s investigation of proportion. anthonypanzeraart.com