May 1 through May 29, 2015
Images from the Opening on Friday, May 1, 5pm to 10pm

Photos by Tim Grajek and Rachel Markwood
Gallery  Hours: Fridays 7-9pm & Saturdays 2-4pm
NEXT OPENING: Appalachian  Thru-Hiker Convo / June 5 & 6, 2015


Details of Katarina Isaksson’s Gallery Opening

The gallery opening is open to the public and will take place Friday, May 1, 2015 from  5pm to 10pm. The event takes place during  Roanoke Art by Night, where all  galleries in the city of Roanoke are open to the public.

The opening will feature live music from Brian Mesko with Hank Stahler & Tim Grajek; appetizers and beverages will be provided. Entry to the Alexander/Heath Contemporary Art Gallery is on 5th Street, through the gates, just below 425 Campbell Avenue SW.  Here is a list of local hotels and available parking areas.

About Katarina Isaksson

Katarina Isaksson, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and now living in rural upstate New York, has been creating and exhibiting her work nationally for the past 30 years. She is represented in private and public collections and her large scale work can viewed in permanent installations of art in public places. Her recent sculpture and drawings are a continuation of her interest in the juxtaposition of natural, fabricated and industrial forms.

Work Statement

The conceptual core of my work springs from my interest in the perception and juxtaposition of natural and fabricated forms, patterns and structures, and their relationship to human constructs and behavior. I am using industrial materials to create non-objective and/or architectural forms in combination with found forms from nature, either reproduced or actual.

Sometimes the pieces are created with a particular place/space/context in mind and sometimes they are autonomous. The titles are an important element in the work as they suggest a path toward a perspective.

351 County Highway 14
Franklin, NY. 13775