• Amy McCuen Rehor - "Manufactured Forest"

Alexander/Heath Contemporary
is pleased to announce
an exhibition by contemporary artists

David Christian Rehor
Amy McCuen Rehor


June 7 through July 26, 2024

Art-by-Night Friday, June 7th, 2024, 5-9 pm

Friday, June 28, 2024, 6-9 pm

Friday, July 5, 2024, 6-9 pm

Friday, July 26, 2024, 6-9


An Exploration of the Modern Landscape by David Christian Rehor and Amy McCuen-Rehor

Photographer David Christian Rehor and mixed media artist Amy McCuen-Rehor depict the extreme relationship between the organic and the manufactured world in the landscape.

David captures striking landscapes interwoven with eroded structures reclaimed by nature. In vivid detail, he documents the contrasts of these two environments by balancing the drama of color and light. The imagery glows in subdued tones of twilight, allowing him to awaken poignant figures or objects with painted light. With these manipulations, the photographs delve deeper than reality to reveal a supernatural narrative.

In contrast to David’s direct approach, Amy explores the result of nature and machine colliding, creating hybridized forms. Engineered wood no longer resembles its organic origins, but rather intricate collage drawings in graphic hues and modular sculptural armies of a new fabricated world. Ultimately, she defines nature as a mechanized industrial production.

The dynamic combination of work is impactful and diverse, immersing the viewer through a multimedia experience. A show not to be missed as it addresses the current theme of connectivity to our environment. All work is for sale, including exclusive limited edition signed prints and signed miniature sculptures.

David Christian Rehor

After graduating with a BFA in photography from The Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC, I received my first professional photography assignment in 1995. I went “full time” as a freelance photographer in 1999 and have continued freelancing ever since. I gradually built-up clients creating work for magazines, in-house agencies, educational institutions, and design firms with specialties in environmental portraiture, light painting, social documentary work, and landscape photography. In 2001 I completed my Master of Fine Art degree at Radford University.

My origins are in analog photography, and as such, I continue to experiment with alchemy and archival printing. I am currently working on bromoil printing, a tactile process which involves bleaching silver gelatin prints and coating them in lithography ink. This crafted style of photography cannot be duplicated which in most cases is in stark contrast to digital photography. I have embraced the digital medium for capture, but still hold on to old values when it comes to the art object, final presentation, and making custom built frames and light boxes.

In addition to the photography business, I teach workshops on site and digital photography courses at Virginia Tech University. I have been based in Denver, Chicago, Santa Fe, Baltimore, and Washington D.C, but I currently live in Roanoke, Virginia, with my wife and artist, Amy McCuen-Rehor, and our twelve-year-old daughter, Leah.

Further resources: lucidapix.com/

Amy McCuen-Rehor

Amy McCuen-Rehor was born in New York, but spent her youth living in Richmond, Virginia. In those days art was a central enjoyment and became the main source of visual communication and expression. She attended The Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC to enrich her talent and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Amy learned her process of artmaking in tandem with the education of living in a cultural city. She spent the rest of her life moving around the Southwest and Northeast, exploring, and searching for connectivity. Collecting keepsakes became a part of moving. The act of moving became a part of her art. Gathering objects, materials, and imagery were emotionally significant and she infused them into her work to understand her paths.

As she travelled, Amy participated in group, solo, and juried exhibitions. Her current work has evolved from her inner reflections of past journeys to immediate depictions of her external surroundings.

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The exhibition is on display through July 26th
Access is available during special exhibition hours or by appointment only:
For direct inquiries, contact Ed Hettig:
hettig@alexander-heath.com or call 607.226.2473.