Alexander/Heath Contemporary
is pleased to announce


An exhibition by Painters

Jon Murrill & Sarah Parcell

May 5 through May 26, 2023

Art-by-Night Friday, May 5th, 2023, 5-9 pm

May 26th, 2023, 6-9 pm

The artists will be at the gallery for both events.

Opening Reception, May 5th

Jon Murrill / Ascension Exhibition at Alexander/Heath Contemporary

Jon Murrill


Artist Statement
My intention is to provide a contemporary perspective on the human spirit of the individual through the use of expression.  Through working in charcoal I am able to create a photorealistic stage for the audience to interact with the personality of each portrait.   Technically I strive to achieve rich layers of texture through my treatment of flesh, hair, and fabrics.  However, while I take pride in achieving technical realism, the strength of my portraits truly lies in the personal relationships I have with each of these individuals.  When viewing my work I challenge the audience to not only interact with the application of the charcoal, but to focus on the soulful glimpses into each personality portrayed.  The unique textures, expressions and narratives captured in my work are meant to offer an honest perspective on the true essence of a portrait.  Overall, my work does not represent an idealistic beauty, but rather, it represents the true spirit of the individual and the depth of character that they each possess.

 Artist Bio
Murrill is a professional artist currently residing and practicing in Roanoke, Virginia.  Taking pride in being a local artist, he was raised in Roanoke.  Murrill graduated from Roanoke College prior to receiving his Master’s of Fine Art degree from Radford University with a concentration in both painting and drawing.

Recently he has exhibited in juried exhibitions, solo exhibits, and group shows across the United States.  His work in charcoal has received regional and national honors.  Coinciding with his personal work, Murrill also spent the past ten years of his career in education, teaching classes at both a collegiate and secondary level.  His work at Patrick Henry, in Roanoke City, inspired Murrill to pursue a more community driven approach in his artistic endeavors.

Currently Murrill is most often seen painting public and private murals across the Roanoke area.  Using his roots in education, he now incorporates student and community involvement within many of his mural projects. Murrill hopes his work both as a portrait artist and muralist will inspire those around him to create more artwork for themselves.  Ultimately, Murrill hopes his efforts and community involvement will bring the arts to the forefront of Roanoke’s ever-evolving culture.

More about Jon Murrill:
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Sarah Kirk Parcell / Ascension Exhibition at Alexander/Heath Contemporary

Sarah Parcell


Artist Statement
Sarah Kirk Parcell is a figurative painter. Parcell works primarily with oils on large-scale canvases, and uses broad and spontaneous brush strokes to go beyond the objective representation of her human subjects. Her paintings are based on emotionally inspiring situations of human connection: nostalgia, vulnerability, joy, and suffering. Combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric elements, the resulting works are whimsical, sensational, and open to interpretation.

Artist Bio
Sarah Kirk Parcell was born, raised, and currently living in Roanoke, Virginia. Parcell was born into a family of creatives and artisans. Her mother nurtured her self-expression from a young age, resulting in a developed rapport between the abstract and the visual representation. Parcell has a deep fascination with identity, expression, and language which inspired her artistic focus and medium of choice. Sarah has worked in multiple individual and collaborative studios over the years, but now has adapted a large space in her home to work whilst caring for her 3 year old son. Here she is able work flexibly and conveniently to keep her art practice steady and prolific.

More about Sarah Parcell:
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The exhibition is on display through May 26th.
Access is available during special exhibition hours or by appointment only:
Contact Ed Hettig: or text 607.226.2473.