Friday, August 4th through Saturday, August 20th, 2017
OPEN: Friday August 11th, 7-8:30 pm / Parking?

Alexander/Heath Contemporary is pleased to announce
an exhibition of Bedford artist Kurt Kindermann.

Images from Kurt Kindermann opening  reception on August  1, 2017

Artist’s Statement

I work instinctively to create humanistic narratives, producing work that reflects the release or change in my life, often inferring their meaning as time goes on. I posit that the relationships and ideas that my work uncovers are not specific only to me – these emotions at their core are universal and representative of the human condition.
I continuously explore new materials and their possible applications in an effort to create my own visual language. A conversation with my audience, using my work as a conduit or vessel, through which the dialogue may occur. Abstracting the process of making art rather than the subject, I strive to challenge myself with each new piece, each new dialogue. Turning the commonplace into signals of human experience. There is no final, no period at the end of the sentence. Only an ellipsis. My work is visceral and alive and must not sleep.”

Bio / CV

Kurt Kindermann is best known for his distinctive relief sculptures. Abstract in their construction, Kurt intends to bring new life to timeworn content. While revering the techniques of artists from eras past, he questions their gravity in the context of current technological reproduction. Kindermann addresses these issues by utilizing various media, both traditional and contemporary. He employs cutting edge graphic design software in concert with experimental carpentry, print media, and traditional painting. Born in 1979 and raised outside of Philadelphia, Kindermann attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, completing a four year program in painting. In 2006, he relocated to Bedford, Virginia, where he and his son currently reside.


Kurt Kindermann
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