September 2nd through October 22nd, 2016


TRANSCENDIA & Other Works of Art.

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Transcendia™ is a nation of airports.

Transcendia™ is a major work of conceptual begun 1978, and continuing to this time.

The Artist Russell Scott Day works in high concept areas of governance, and seeks to build on successful experiments in government.

Mr. Day seeks to build on strengths. Mr. Day recognizes that successful towns, cities, states and nations, are all reliant on their ports. Airports offer unique powers previously unavailable prior to the 20th Century. This is especially significant for the landlocked.

World Citizenship is a right for all, not just the rich.

It is an honorable thing to do to help people get around.

And, other works of art…

Russell Scott Day displays an eclectic mix of performance, poetry, novels, photography, videos, drawings, paintings and videos. This is a special exhibition of a truly unique artist and individual and has something to offer to everyone. Don’t miss it!
The Hettigs, Curators