September 4 through October 17, 2015
Opening Friday, September 4, 5pm to 10pm

Open Friday, October 16, 7 pm to 9 pm, and
Saturday, October 17, 2 pm to 4 pm (Last Day!)

Images from Scott Bennett’s Art Opening

Photography by Rachel Markwood


Scott-Bennett - 2014 - Studio Portrait by Alec Erlebacher

Scott-Bennett – 2014 – Studio Portrait by Alec Erlebacher


Scott Bennett, New Hill, 2015

Scott Bennett – New Hill, 2015

My newest paintings are very directly derived from small, loose pencil drawings that I make from life, photos, or from finished paintings. I worked in a similar way when I first switched from making non-objective pictures to landscapes in the early 90’s. I wanted to capture the same expressive quality of the drawings, but in paint and color. Back then, I drew into the wet paint and gel medium by scraping and scoring using brush handles, sticks and other tools, and also painting with loaded brushes into wet acrylic gels. Sometimes the pictures felt like cave paintings, and my original impetus was to invite that direct and emblematic image making into my work. Slowly, I allowed various traditions of representational painting to enter in to my vocabulary, exploring how these influences could inform my painting, and the work went through many changes over time.   –More…

Jamesville, New York