Alexander/Heath Contemporary

& Assured Comfort Hi-Low Adjustable Beds
present an exhibition of
Four Artists
from the
South Roanoke Community

Tracy Budd, Eric Fitzpatrick, Chico Harkrader
and Nan Mahone Wellborn

September 6 through September 27, 2019

Art-by-Night Friday, September 6th, 5 to 10 pm

Thursday, September 19th, 6 to 8 pm

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Gallery located at Campbell Ave SW and 5th Street
(Enter on 5th Street between Campbell Ave SW and Salem Ave)
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Cell: Edward Hettig, 607.226.2473
Appoinment Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 1 to 3:30
Fridays, 7-8:30 pm
Contact via Email:

Opening Exhibition / September 6, 2019

Tracy Budd Statement:

“My work is a creative evolution of what I see, how I feel, and where I’ve been.”

“I am most attracted to strong shapes, and interesting imagery that becomes my vehicle for drawing, pouring, scraping and texturizing in the layers of my acrylic paintings. My love for organic imagery and design keeps me arranging and re-arranging shape, form, color and line until I’m satisfied. I love acrylic paint for its watercolor-like tendencies and the heavier oil-like texture I can achieve. Deciding my emphasis, editing, and adding to a composition, enables me to express more purely my intent in paint. My goal is to begin with and idea but be open to respond to the painting as it is progressing, constantly lifting, adding, and participating in the creative moment. The longer I have painted, I have come to realize that painting for me is about building a ” sophisticated surface”, regardless of the subject matter.  Painting is a language, and it is the means for which I express my feelings about life and the world we live in. It’s the most exciting journey with no end!”

More about Tracy Budd at the Little Gallery

Eric Fitzpatrick Statement:

“Over the years, I have found myself profoundly moved by the beauty of our area, whether it be the vastness of the Shenandoah Valley, the misty romanticism of the Blue Ridge or the vibrancy of Roanoke’s City Market. What you see here is one man’s loving responses to the visual feast that surrounds us. Whether these efforts are in oil, watercolor or pastel, they each try to capture a unique moment in the life of our Valley.  I am most honored and grateful to have my work here in the Roanoke Review and salute you for your support of the visual arts!”

More about Eric Fitzpatrick on Facebook

Chico Harkrader Statement:

Past experiences, present environment, imagination, and experimentation with mixed-mediums allow Harkrader to echo his passions, peace, and pleasure. Creations from impressions encountered in urban, rural, or figurative life evolve — always striving for that elusive originality. An exploratory journey of diversity, moving in and out of his compound-ongoing series.

Harkrader participated in the historic Mountain Lake Symposiums & Workshops during the 80s. Roanoke Sister Cities invited him to participate in the Opole, Poland Artist Residency 2011 with a dozen artists from Eastern and Western Europe.

More about Chico Harkrader on his website

Nan Mahone Wellborn Statement:

“Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed interpreting nature and color in paint whether on paper, fabric or canvas. My current work is a response to feelings and moods the constantly changing light creates in the landscape. I want to connect you with an evocative experience. I want you to feel as if you’re in that place, at that time, to give you a heightened sense of the warmth, smells, textures, colors, and atmosphere I find in nature.”

“My oil painting continues to be influenced by Piet Mondrian’s early landscapes, Pierre Bonnard, Nell Blaine, Fairfield Porter and the Canadian artists known as the Group of Seven.”

More about Nan Mahone Wellborn on her website.