Torie Topor (EIROTROPOT)

TorieTopor(EIROTROPOT) at Alexander/Heath Contemporary

Alexander/Heath Contemporary
is proud to announce
an exhibition of the eclectic work of artist

September 7th though September 29th, 2018

Closing Reception for this exhibition!
Friday, Sept. 28th, 7-9 p.m.

Art-by-Night Friday, September 7th, 6-10 pm

Images from the September 7th Opening

“TorieTopor(EIROTROPOT) has always been fascinated by grafitti artists and their ability to capture guerilla textures and patterns. This inspiration speaks loudly through her work. As the years have passed new inspiration came from the human form and indigenous cultures (both visual art and music). The printshop became a second home to her where she could produce multitudes of boldly graphic pieces quickly and ensure consistency and quality. An admiration for sculpture led her to welding then wood carving. Her work begs to be touched. Undulating curves and bright colors beckon the hand to graze the surface and run along the resolute lines and boundaries. Hailing from Harrisonburg, Virginia by way of Ohio by way of Florida (with a few stops in between) the local flora and fauna in each environment have influenced her content, it’s a valid statement that she truly absorbs her surroundings .

“The current body of work being showcased in Dry Rub™ feature pop-art musings that evoke mythological goddesses, modern tribal masks, and clever cultural commentary on wide range of subjects. Come, immerse yourself in the strange and chimerical world of EIROTROPOT.

(Written by: Linazel Gunvalsen; new world times.)”