JUNE 19th through AUGUST 8th, 2015
Open First Friday – Art by Night,  August 7th, 5-9 pm
and Saturday, August 8th, 2-4 pm.

Images from the Artist’s Opening on Friday, June 19, 5 pm to 10 pm




I paint directly on my skin, which I then photograph and print out digitally. The final images exist as digital prints on cotton rag paper.


  1. For years, I’ve been investigating gesture in painting and this implicates my whole body. The imagery plays on illusions of control, about our bodies and also about art. I started working this way (almost twenty years ago) as a way to find myself, literally, within the language of abstraction and reshape it based on my own experience.
  2. I also take photographs on the street and combine them with pictures from the studio. I use the camera to record evidence of movement, which I think about in relation to gesture. It’s all part of my continuing attempt to locate myself within shifting contexts.
  3. That sense of dislocation and change is perhaps why my work is a hybrid form, one that combines painting, photography and performance.
  4. As a media artist, I need to explore technology as a forum for global conversation.
  5. Since 2005, I’ve been traveling often to China and collaborating with video artists in Shanghai. Since then, I am also exploring what my art has to do with a calligraphic sensibility.
  6. Since 2011, I have been exchanging photographs – one each week, every Sunday without fail – with an artist in Berlin. Over time, we’re developing a rich correspondence and a shared sketchbook of visual ideas.

33-16 81st Street #21
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Prints use archival inks printed on canvas or paper.
Limited edition, numbered prints in various sizes are available for sale.
Contact hettig@alexander-heath.com for price information.